The EZ Ladder Shelf

Heavy Duty Tool & Pail Shelf For Any Fiberglass Ladder - Enter Your Details Below For A Discount On Your First One!

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The Right Ladder Shelf For Any Job

Easy To Install

Just slide the shelf in place, and get to work!

For Any Ladder

This heavy duty ladder shelf works on any fiberglass ladder!

Lifetime Guarantee

Made from hard, injection molded plastic, this ladder pail and tool shelf will last a lifetime.  And we’ll replace it if doesn’t.

Easy To Clean

Just wipe away any grease, grime or paint!  The EZ Ladder Shelf’s durable design is also stain, and paint resistant!

Easy To Install!

Just slide the shelf between a ladder rung, and the ladder’s top support brace, and get to work!  You don’t have to fiddle with complicated installation instructions, or with potentially damaging your ladder.  Grooves molded in the hard plastic will keep the shelf in place, while you focus on more important things!

Backed By The Carpenter's Union

Designed by a professional contractor, for use by contractors and homeowners alike, the Carpenter’s Union has given us the seal of approval! They were so impressed by the ease of use, durability, and convenience they are backing our product!

Recent Customers

What EZ Ladder Shelf Users Are Saying

“It’s a new way of saving your time and energy going up and down to equipment to finish the job to get you onto better things.”

“I don’t have to go up and down the 8′ ladder every minute!! Saved alot of time…”

“This thing is sturdy, and works with every fiberglass type ladder we have! Definitely built to last.”

Answers To

Frequently Asked Questions

What's special about this shelf?

Backed by the Carpenter’s Union, and designed by a professional home remodeler, this shelf was built to not only last… but also to be convenient to install.  It works on any fiberglass ladder.  It’s also spill proof.

How Difficult Is It To Install?

It’s not!  The EZ Ladder Shelf simply wedges under a ladder rung, and over the ladder’s cross brace.  It installs in seconds, with no mounting hardware!  Just slide the shelf in, making sure the grooves are under the lip of the step, and you are ready to finish whatever project you are working on!

What's it made of?

The EZ Ladder Shelf is made of hardened, injected plastic.  It will support heavy tools, paint buckets, you name it!  Although for safety you shouldn’t go heavier than 50lbs on the shelf – we actually had a 150 pound man do pullups on one! (Seriously, don’t try this at home!)

Where is it made?

Our ladder tool & pail shelves are designed and manufactured in the heart of the Midwest.  We are proud to call Rockford, Illinois home, and proud to bring jobs in manufacturing to this area!

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